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  Special Standing Admission

Students who wish to officially enroll in selective courses, but do not wish to receive a degree may be granted a status of special standing. Students who enroll as special standing must meet the regular admissions requirements.

Auditor Admission
Students who attend classes for personal enrichment and not for academic credit may be granted auditor's status. Auditors attend class with no obligations to participate actively in the work. Auditors will receive a grade of International Lordland University for every course completed. Auditor students may change the course grade from audit to credit once they are accepted into a degree program (See 'Audit to Credit' section of this catalog). An abbreviated admissions process is necessary to receive auditor status. Audit fees are required for each class in which auditor students enroll. Auditor students who wish to apply for entry into a degree program must submit the 'Auditor to Degree Program' form and meet the existing requirements for admission to the degree program. A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 is required for those courses that have been taken by the student. The 'Auditor to Degree Program' form can be found at the administration office during normal business hours. Degree program students may also enroll in any course as an auditor for personal enrichment.

  Admissions Categories

Full Acceptance: A student who has met all the requirements and is fully accepted as a student at International Lordland University.

Provisional Acceptance: A student who is not able to complete the admission file before the deadline, may be accepted with full benefits of the school for one Quarter. This restricted status allows the student the opportunity to complete the admission file. If the student fails to move to the full acceptance status within one semester, he or she will be dismissed.

Probationary Acceptance: A student who does not meet the normal academic standards, but provides a strong indication for academic success may be accepted on probationary status. The student is granted one year to achieve the academic level necessary to move to full acceptance