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  Academic Counseling


New students are given a full tour of the campus, after which students will be informed of the college's academic policies, registration process, scholastic regulations, library hours, office hours, student organizations, student code of conduct, grievance policy and procedures, and other support services available to students.

Personal Interview

Each new student will have an opportunity of a personal interview with the president of International Lordland University during the orientation. For the student this is an opportunity to meet the president of the school and be encouraged over as the student.

Academic Counseling

The Office of the School Dean will serve as the academic advisor or it will assign a faculty member to counsel students concerning the details of their program. Personal counseling services are available to interested graduate and undergraduate students without any fee. The Chief Academic Officer and faculty are ready to meet the needs of academic counseling. For psychological or adjustment issues, professional counseling services will be provided by appointment. The request form for counseling is obtainable in the main office. In the case of an emergency, a full-time faculty member or an administrator can be contacted. Although a preferred counseling center is not operated by the school, students are referred to outside professional counseling services when necessary.

General Advising

General advising is provided by the Director of Student & Alumni Services for housing information, schedule for public transportation, application for personal banking, etc. Professional meetings with International Lordland University alumni practitioners for currently enrolled students can also be arranged by this office. The Director also supervises the Quarterly Student Day Events, a luncheon gathering of students and administrative staff for improved communication.

Tutorial Services

Tutoring and/ or academic advising of students is an integral part of academic life and is a function of International Lordland University. International Lordland University students are permitted to receive on-campus tutoring by designated and approved student tutors, faculty members or other instructional personnel. All tutoring functions will be coordinated by the Office of Student Service and Academic Dean’s Office and provided to requesting students at no charge to them.

Disability Services

The University is committed to accommodating students with physical and learning disabilities. Accommodations and other support services are managed by the Academic Dean and are tailored to meet the needs of each individual student. Individuals wishing assistance should contact the Office of Academic Affairs Dean or the Office of Student & Alumni Services. It is recommended that new students with special needs contact the office early in their first term to arrange for support services.