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  Academic Freedom

In institutions of higher education, like International Lordland University, the principle of Academic Freedom is essential to the search for truth and its exposition. Freedom in research is fundamental to the advancement of knowledge. The right to Academic Freedom in teaching is fundamental for
the protection of the rights of the faculty and of the students in the educational process.
These concepts of Academic Freedom are promoted at International Lordland University and are elaborated as follows:
  • The teacher is entitled to full freedom in research and in publication of the results; subject to the
    adequate performance of the teacher’s other academic duties. The faculty member may take on
    additional employment, including research for pecuniary return, without the approval of the
    university’s officer or President of the university, provided it does not interfere with his/her duties
    at the university.
    Teachers are entitled to freedom in the classroom to discuss their subject, but should  
    exercise this freedom in a responsible manner.
    Faculty members may exercise their rights as citizens when speaking or writing as citizens and  
    should be free from institutional censorship or discipline, but the faculty member’s special position
    in the community imposes special obligations. As a member of the teaching profession, and as a
    representative of an educational institution, the faculty member should remember that the public
    may judge his/her profession and his/her institution by his/her utterances. Hence, the faculty
    member should at all times be accurate, exercise appropriate restraint, show respect for    
    the opinion of others, and make every effort to indicate that (s)he is not speaking for the university
    Any faculty member who believes that his/her rights have been abridged or ignored by an 
    administrative officer or employees of International Lordland University and who is unable to obtain
    redress which is satisfactory to the faculty member within his/her own department, shall have
    the right to appeal to the President of the university.