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  History of the University

International Lordland University is a co-educational institution of higher education for individuals desiring a college education. The university was organized under California Corporation Law as a non-profit public benefit corporation(State of California Secretary of State No. 3608883)

International Lordland University was established in the November 21, 2013 as a religious exempt degree granting institution from the Bureau for Private, Postsecondary, and Education(BPPE) and since then, has retained the approval status(School Code: 26516).

International Lordland University has campus located at 2551 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90057, to look for more bigger and more pleasant location that is suitable for the school. Fortunately, we have found that the current status of the university has been best conditioning upon all kinds of circumstances for the school because of very quiet surroundings and ample parking lots and others.

  Special Feature of the School

International Lordland University has been trying to give the students small group teachings and comprehensive educations.
And this school has been educating the students for developing potential power of human beings and also educating the students for propagating the educated potential power to the world. Nowadays, in the changing world, the graduates from International Lordland University should do something that is independent and productive as the social members recognizing the superpower of the subconsciousness.

  The Explanation of University Logo

Lordland has the meaning that is the holy land, divine land. Namely, that means Jerusalem where all people desire to go. The letter L that looks like the building stands as the symbol that will be built in the future. And, the blue colour in the upper part means Sky, namely, Lord. And, the green colour in the bottom part means Land. This means that in the harmony with Sky and Land, our desire that tries to live together peacefully and powerfully. And, therefore, ‘International Lordland University’ has been meant as ‘The Holy Land’ that Lord reigns ‘one Nation’. The sun that rising from the bottom means the university that has been growing newly and the hope that comes out strongly in the future. The Latin that Truth is my Light, is International Lordland University's desire that pursue for the truth.